I try to reuse and recycle as much of my material as I can. After discovering extra acrylic after my pours I began to carve portions of it into these simple stud earrings. Each pour produces a different variety of these so once they're gone, they're gone forever. Exceptionally light weight despite their chunky illusion.

Winter Studs feature reclaimed wood and swirls of dark gemstone colors. Available in two sizes. Small measure 1/2” wide and 1/2’’ tall. Large measure 5/8” tall and 1/2” wide. Due to the creation process of these pieces each piece will have some variation.

Winter Shields Acrylic Studs

  • Each of these pieces are handcrafted and will vary somewhat from the photo.  The photo selected is the best representation of the color, size and shape of the item you are purchasing, however items are hand made and will have some variation from piece to piece.  Thank you for understanding.