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Redefine Statement piece with a necklace from the Rock Collar Collection.

Each piece is truly one of a kind as natural slabs are spliced together to create a stunning fan of color sure to steal the show with any outfit. Each piece features a 30” chain with additional tie in at 16” for added versatility.

This piece features, Jasper, adverturine, snowflake obsidian, lizard stone and red moss agate—a combination that reminds me of hiking through a fall forest. The length from tube end to tube end is 5 1/2” with the widest rock portion measuring 4 1/4” and the length 2 3/4” from the center of the tube to the lowest point on the rock fan.

Often asked “are they heavy?” my response is this, they are rocks so there is some weight to the piece, I describe wearing it to holding a weighted blanket and wear mine throughout the day without issue. The rocks are cut thin and the metal is kept as light as possible while still providing stability.

Hand cut rocks, copper, rolo chain, lobster clasp. The reverse has a Sandcastle Jewelry Hallmark stamp.

Walk Through Nature Rock Collar

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