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After more than a decade of jewelry making, Sandcastle Jewelry was born in a college dorm room more years ago than I care to admit. Now a mom to a small entourage and wife to my college sweetheart, a lot about my life has changed, but my desire to take broken and discarded things and create beauty has only grown.  Inspired by the women around me, the children alongside me and cheered on by my incredible husband, I spend my days loving people and making pretty things. And wiping tears and refereeing. Thanks for stopping by, supporting my dream, sharing your stories and wearing my work.

Additionally, all the best photos on my site go to Crossroads Photography, particularly Rachel and Taylor and their creative genius.  Find them, follow them, support them, you won't be disappointed!



To reflect existing beauty and strength through wearable art.

Core Values


I value change, I believe the art produced today is creative and unique based on 30 years of experience in design and hand fabrication techniques. My work is built on the past and growing into the future.


Midwest means hard work, gender equality, strength and collaboration. Like the surrounding prairie grass, we are rooted and returning despite hardships and winds of change.


I believe in refilling your coffee cup and your soul. Our interactions mirror catching up with an old friend. I want my clients to leave feeling encouraged, restored, hopeful, seen and known.


I value people because they are people and hold their stories as both precious and true.


I believe you are strong, capable and true to you. I do not create jewelry to define who you are but to accentuate it.


Creating heirloom quality pieces for infinite wearing possibilities.

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