Below you will find a series of custom ideas to get a feel for some of my past work. To take the next steps in your design simply fill out my

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Engagement ring options aren't limited to big box stores. I love getting to know my clients as we cast a vision together. Custom work like this is a sacred space and I am so honored to have you invite me into your journey.


Tribe Collection

We all have people that are the best part of our world, just reading that line probably conjures thoughts of your friends, children or family. Custom jewelry lets us carry a piece of our tribe with us during our days, connect us while we are apart and honor those we have lost.  Using birthstones, initials or other symbols, let us craft a piece together that accentuates your style in a design that feels authentic to your tribe.


Written Word

Sometimes the best way to transform a piece of jewelry into something meaningful is simply the ability to add text.  A name, a place, a sentiment, favorite quote--the impact of written word colliding with art is simply unmatched.


Selected Stones

Stones tend to speak to people.  Be it the color, texture, shape or size--sometimes seeing a stone is enough to visualize a piece of wearable art.  Stone selection is available through a variety of options including virtual consultation. 



"It’s hard to review something that there are no words to even describe. Jillian is thoughtful in all of her creations. Her attention to detail and eye for design is impeccable. But her love for what she does is what tops it all. I presented Jillian with what most people would think was a box of junk and scraps. My father died in a plane crash some time ago. I had a box of scraps that I had kept from a trip to the crash site. I gave her the impossible task of turning these scraps into pieces of jewelry to serve as a precious memento. What Jillian created was nothing short of amazing. Jillian can do anything. She loves what she does and that shows through in every project she undertakes. Her craftsmanship is both beautiful and functional. Whether you hire Jillian for a custom piece or order one of her other amazing pieces - you will not be disappointed."  

– Shanna