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Years ago I began experimenting with recycled aircraft aluminum as an alternative to the then record high sterling silver prices. What resulted was several created processes like this one that create a high shine, lightweight, never tarnishing silver look that’s also hypoallergenic. In short, although extremely difficult to work with and highly unforgiving, aluminum makes for a fantastic jewelry medium.

This piece features a slab of recycled aircraft aluminum that has been be browned, a process I invented during my years of experimentation. Additionally this necklace features piece of natural hematite that shows crystalline like lines, braced with a brass cross that allows the piece to be worn in reverse as well.

Shown on a 30” brass chain, a 24” adjustable saddle leather cord may be substituted upon request.

Measures 1 5/8” wide, 2 3/4” long including the bail.

Crystalline Hematite Reversible Aircraft Necklace

$75.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
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