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Rolled Away Necklace

I tried to make some crosses for Easter.  They turned out terribly.  While part of me likes them because they are ugly and awful and, in that sense, a better representation of the Cross than a beautifully designed silver one–I ultimately couldn’t bring myself to share them with you. 

And honestly in this Holy Week collection it worked out just fine to not have a cross. It’s not that the cross isn’t important–it's clearly critical in the story but it’s also not the END of the story.  While crosses do seem to be a universal symbol of faith in Jesus, it’s the empty tomb that really seals the deal.  Christ died for us AND he rose again. 

Death on earth is the ultimate despair of humanity. It's the end of hope for a future, it's the only truly final thing on earth. And Christ as human experiences this despair AND overcomes it.  What greater hope is there than this? 

The Rolled Away necklace reminds us that the work that was finished on the cross brought hope with an empty tomb.  The joy of Easter, the joy of our salvation that we serve a God that defeated the grave.  Sunday is coming friends, may you spend your days resting in the hope that Easter brings.



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