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Special Person Gift Guide

This year as I round the corner towards Mother's Day I found myself reflecting on all the brilliant and special women in my life--mothers or not. As women we have an innate ability to give life in more ways than just carrying one in our womb. We breathe life into one another over meals, coffee, crying toddlers, breakups, engagements, new lives and lives lost.

Whatever your situation may be, chances are good there is a woman in your life who is special to you for her unique ability to see you, encourage you and breathe life back into your world when everything feels off. So, while I have so much to say on this topic, today I want to unpack some different style options to celebrate these women. I'll call them "Mom" but call her whatever you like because the title isn't what makes her special, but you know that already.



For the Simple Mom:

She doesn't like all the frills but she loves holding her people close.

Consider the Nest Token of Affection--a simple brass charm on leather that reminds us of anticipating birth, the meticulous care of a mama and ultimately that nests are fleetingly full so we can embrace the time before we teach them to fly on their own.

For the Traditional Mom:

She loves all things birthstones and meaning. The Beadset Birthstone Collection is for you.

Customizable by number of stones, shape of the piece and available as a ring or a pendant--let your birthstones take center stage in sterling silver with bead set cubic zircons in matching birthstone colors.

For the Edgy Mom:

She's layering on all the jewelry and bracelet stackers are a go-to. These staple stackers are hand stamped with names of kids, accented shapes and small set turquoise. Shown in brushed finish sterling silver but available in high shine upon request.

(***See a video of the full cuffs at the bottom of this post)

For the Funky Mom:

You never know what she will be wearing but you know it won't look like anyone else. Dice-dice-baby is for her. Select from a series of vintage dies to be cut and set to represent a

child number or family number. Set in a wide frame sterling top with adjustable comfort ring back, or swap the ring for a bail and have it built into a pendant instead.

(Spoiler alert, my next ring drop will hold this style in different stones!)

Still Searching?

Custom Mother's rings have always been a fun project for me but my time for them is also somewhat limited. Not seeing exactly what you want? Fill out my custom inquiry form and let's see if we can't work together for the perfect gift.

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